Family & Community Engagement

When families are more involved in the decisions about their children’s education, students thrive. Learn more about how family and community engagement strengthens community schools through these toolkit documents and links.

Partners in Education – A Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships
Principles of Effective Partnerships
Joining Together to Create a Bold Vision for Next Generation Family Engagement
Building A Community School: A Parents’ Guide
Forging Effective Partnerships
Global Family Research Project

Collaborative Leadership

Families, educators and community partners build a culture of collective trust and shared responsibility. Learn more about how collaborative leadership connects and strengthens communities through these toolkit documents and links.

Leading with Purpose and Passion: A Guide for Community School Directors
A Collaborative Leadership Structure for Community Schools
Successful and Sustainable Community Schools: The Union as an Essential Ingredient
Partnerships, Not Pushouts
Transforming Schools Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Expanded Learning

Enrichment activities, such as after-school, weekend and summer programs, emphasize real-world learning and community problem solving. Learn more about how expanded learning provides academic instruction and individualized support through these toolkit documents and links.

The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities
Guidebook: Six Proven Practices for Effective Civic Learning
For Each and Every Child
Guiding Growth: Training Staff for Working with Youth in After-School Programs
Afterschool Programs Close Achievement Gaps
Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) Tool

Integrated Student Supports

Addressing out-of-school issues for students and families, such as mental and physical health, helps remove learning barriers. Learn more about how integrated student supports create sustainable learning environments through these toolkit documents and links.

Integrated Student Supports: A Summary of Evidence Base for Policymakers
Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child: A Collaborative Approach to Learning and Health
Addressing Poverty through Integrated Student Supports
Making the Case for Educating the Whole Child
Aligning Networks to Enable Every Student to Thrive