May 2022 

C/W CSTAC Community of Practice Update

This year, our Community of Practice with Education Consultant, Ali Hearn, closely examined the data, systems, and practices that support the integration of a community schools approach with an expanded MTSS framework. Each session provided opportunities to engage in new content, self-reflection, and meaningful connection with others. 

The stress and grief of the recent event in Buffalo continues to resonate across our region. The work of supporting the social/emotional needs of our youth and staff has never been more urgent. Collaboration among classroom staff, clinicians, and administrators is at the heart of successful implementation of supports that effectively meet the needs of all students. We must continually reflect on where the field of education has been, the obstacles this challenging time presents, and the possibilities for the future we want to create for our students, families, and communities. 

When we can find or rediscover our “why,” it becomes easier to focus on where we are going as an organization, what matters the most in our setting, and what decisions are aligned with our goals. Although our Community of Practice has ended for this year, please reach out if we can be a thought partner in bringing your community together for discussion or planning around strategies to promote healing. Please be sure to check out all of our archived Community of Practice gatherings and accompanying resources and materials here.

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