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Wayne County’s Career Carnival:
Inspiring Students and Engaging the Community

Each year, eighth graders from all eleven districts in Wayne County, NY attend the Annual Career Carnival, coordinated by the Wayne County Partnership. The Carnival started in 2017 as a way to increase community engagement through career exploration.

Through this annual event, students have the opportunity to learn from dozens of local businesses from across a variety of sectors including Business & Information Systems, Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Health Services, Natural & Agricultural Sciences, and Human & Public Services. In addition to traditional career fair activities, students also have the opportunity to recognize the resources in their community and network with other students from districts across the county. The goal is to help students understand the variety of opportunities and career pathways available to them in their local community, discover personal interests that may translate to careers, and guide their High School coursework.

Community School Program Manager with the Sodus Central School District and Wayne County Community Schools, Jeremy Hughes, supports the organization of the Career Fair and states that the event supports the district’s Community Schools work through engaging their community in pursuit of student achievement. With dozens of local employers on site, activities and content are designed to give students more insight into possible career paths they might choose. Oftentimes, students are unaware of the opportunities available to them after high school. This community-wide event, collaboratively organized with schools, businesses, and community members, is mutually beneficial because it not only allows businesses an occasion to engage directly with local youth, but it also helps students to explore and seek areas of personal interest that can translate into local career opportunities.

Nearly 750 students attended the 2023 Career Carnival. To read more about this event, click here.

aerial view of carnival grounds

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