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The NYS Technical Assistance Centers operate in three regions: Central/Western, Eastern and New York City. Use our interactive map to locate your county and corresponding region.

Central/Western NY

Elizabeth Anderson
Elizabeth AndersonDirector
Liz has been in the field of education for over 30 years as an educator, administrator, and teacher educator. Over the past five years, Liz has served as a consultant for the Binghamton University Community Schools (BUCS) initiative.
Megan Garton
Megan GartonAssistant Director
Meg brings a depth of experience in learning and educational leadership to the Central/Western CS TAC team. In addition to classroom teaching, she has supported district implementation of multi-tiered systems of support as a PBIS coach and District Data Coordinator within Central New York. Her work across the continuum of school services, and in collaboration with related and community services, supports hardworking districts and communities around Central/Western New York.

Eastern NY

Rebecca Christner, M.S.
Rebecca Christner, M.S.Executive Director
Rebecca has been involved in school district and community improvement efforts and in executing professional development and technical assistance to educators and school-based Family Resource Center coordinators for over 12 years on the Community Schools model Yale Schools of the 21st Century.
Sephora Jean-Leger, MPA
Sephora Jean-Leger, MPAManager
Sephora Jean-Leger, MPA is responsible to assist the TAC Director in providing professional development and technical assistance in implementing and sustaining effective evidence based Community Schools programs and services for New York state School District’s in the Eastern Region.


Kevin Coyne
Kevin CoyneDirector
Kevin John Coyne is the Director of the Community Schools Technical Assistance Center (CSTAC) at Fordham University. He leads all activities of the CSTAC’s work with new and existing schools in the New York City Region. The CSTAC provides guidance, support, professional development, and capacity building for leaders within schools and community-based organizations.
Peter Tinguely
Peter TinguelyDirector
Peter Tinguely is the Resource Specialist for the Community Schools Technical Assistance Center (CSTAC) at Fordham University. Peter supports the Director providing customized technical assistance and professional development for school and community-based organization leadership.