December 2021 – ETAC Community of Practice Update:

Using the Community School Strategy to Address Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Health

October 14 marked ETAC’s first Community of Practice for the 2021-22 program year. The COP consisted of three sessions, the second on November 10, and the final session held earlier this month on December 9. Each session focused on a particular strategy highlighting the Community School model’s effectiveness in addressing challenges schools face in supporting their students and their families. Specifically, the sessions highlighted the use of the Community School strategy with school-based health and mental health centers, and with intellectual and emotional development.

ETAC team members Drs. JoAnne Ferrara and Eileen Santiago of Whole Child Education facilitated informative forums featuring panelist discussions from educational and community-based professionals from the Eastern Region. Throughout the sessions, the Community School model was re-enforced as a whole-child strategy—not as something to be added, but as a successful, integrated and effective strategy.

Comments and responses to the three sessions: October 14: “Using the Community School Strategy: Student Health, Physical Activity, Safety & Nutrition;” November 10:  “Using the Community School Strategy: to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being;” and December 9: Using the Community School Strategy: To Build and Support Intellectual Development and Classroom Instruction include: “Thank you! The information provided will help me to communicate better with our students and families;” and, “Good reminders about critical practices.” 

In February and March 2022, the focus of ETAC’s second Community of Practice will provide best practices on engaging and supporting English Language Learners and their families. Click here to register.

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