Central/Western Regional Update – July 10, 2020

Summer greetings from the C/W CS TAC! We’re very excited to announce a new feature in our Friday Announcements.


NYS Pick

From our fellow technical assistance provider the School Mental Health Resource & Training Center comes a fantastic set of resources, tools and training. This week’s link leads to a landing page of resources promoting mental health & wellness, including grounding exercises and techniques for self-awareness and self-reflection. ► LEARN MORE.

Meg says: “I love the quick links to short PDFs of directions and examples.”

CS TAC Resources Page Pick:

The National Center for PBIS in partnership with SISEP, National Center on Improving Literacy, Lead for Literacy and the I-MTSS research Network has published a guide for Returning to School During and After Crisis. The guide provides recommendations for states, districts, school buildings & educators on how to continue supporting students & staff with key practices and leverage existing systems to support social, emotional, and behavioral growth & development. ► LEARN MORE.

Meg says: “I love how it emphasizes doing what works and doing it well as well as how to capitalize on what systems and practices are already in place.”

 Tool/Training Pick:

This quick worksheet by the National Implementation Research Network is one of the most popular! This tool can help teams determine the deeper causes to initial thoughts about community needs by asking teams to ask “why” five times. In addition, teams are asked to consider and acknowledge implicit bias and deficit thinking when preparing for discussion.

Here’s a link to our webinar series in partnership with Caryn Ward on Implementation Science. These webinars provide a foundation for understanding and utilizing key supports for implementation and developing sustainable systems to support community schools. ► LEARN MORE.

 NY Schools Pick:

To honor all the incredible work of New York’s schools and staff, this last pick will be dedicated to New York educators and students. This 15 minute podcast brings a bright spot to your day. ► LEARN MORE.

Check out the video compilation of the P.S. 22 Chorus’s rendition of “The Scientist” by Coldplay as well. It will make your heart sing.

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