Central/Western Regional Update – July 24, 2020

Happy Friday from the Central/Western CS TAC!
NYS Pick

This Roadmap for Reopening School from CASEL offers four SEL Critical Practices divided into specific activities to help schools “create supportive learning environments and foster social, emotional, and academic learning as we reunite and renew through a global pandemic and mobilization against systemic racism.” The roadmap also contains essential questions, action planning and links to additional resources. We’ve also linked the Roadmap reflection activity and organizer for easy reference.

Meg says: “I recommend this resource for its comprehensive coverage of installing and integrating SEL into school planning as well as considerations for prioritization and sustainability. “

CS TAC Resources Page Pick:

This helpful one-pager lists several resource links for anyone working with youth, including educators. Resource links are provided for Trauma Informed Practices and Mental Well-Being and Coping Strategies. Links include toolkits, specific practices and training geared toward both remote learning and return to school planning.

Meg says: “I appreciate this resource for its succinct compilation of reliable sources and application to both in person and online learning environments. Block out an hour to two for exploration into these valuable resources!”

Tool/Training Pick:

This hour-long training focuses exclusively on the practitioner and social emotional wellness. The link provides a recorded webinar, slide deck and written transcript for accessibility. I encourage viewers to complete the self-care planning activity in the last half of the webinar, especially as planning for the upcoming school year continues. Discussion weaves considerations for both remote and in-person return to school scenarios.

Meg says: “I love this webinar for its thoughtful considerations of practitioner stressors and inclusion of self-care practices such as mindfulness. And best of all, viewers leave the webinar with knowledge and an action plan!”

 NY Schools Picks:

This first link is to NYC Library’s compilation of free e-books focused on COVID-19. This extensive list of books come in multiple languages and age groups.

Additionally, check out the summer reading program, “Imagine Your Story!” This link provides reading lists for all age groups and links to the New York State Talking Book and Braille Library.

Meg says: “A special thank you to all our library and media specialists out there!”

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