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Wenger-Trayner E, Wenger-Trayner B. Communities of Practice, a brief introduction. 2015.

As the Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers gear up to serve the schools in their respective regions, the development of Communities of Practice are an opportunity to connect those in the field to shared best practices. This year, the Fordham CSTAC covering the New York City region is creating Communities of Practice through a series of capacity building webinars, interactive virtual sessions, and in-person professional development. The facilitators assembled by Fordham University for this initiative are known for their theoretical and practical applications in urban school settings.

Three series are being launched this fall in the areas of special education, trauma-informed education, and cultural responsivity and the current climate’s psychological impact on families. The experts leading these series will provide base-line webinars to ensure a level of awareness and understanding of the specific topic, coupled with interactive virtual sessions, and an in-person professional development opportunity.

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These Communities of Practice are open to all school personnel actively involved in the community school strategy, as well as all schools in the New York City region and throughout the State considering the community school model. This includes principals, assistant principals, community school directors/coordinators, social workers, parent coordinators, related student service providers, and district and community-based organization leaders. We invite you to monitor the for information as the series launch in October, November, and December.

For any schools interested in becoming a community school, do not hesitate to call (212-636-6100) or email ( today! 

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