Dr. Gary Smith
Consultant, Educator, Trainer

Dr. Gary G. Smith is a consultant and trainer on human development topics and issues having more than 30 years of experience with public and private institutions and agencies across New York State.

Gary’s career also encompasses three-plus decades of successful teaching and administrative experiences at the university level. He is also an active consultant and trainer with Habilitat, the effective long-term addictions treatment program in Kaneohe, HI. Dr. Smith’s doctorate is in higher education administration with a minor in counseling.

Dr. Smith’s ability to effectively engage his audiences is a hallmark of his approach to facilitating his seminars and workshops. He utilizes an interactive method of delivery for his material, which helps engage participants in his presentations in a most personal way. Strategically, Dr. Smith helps his program participants analyze and conceptualize complex topics for designing and implementing solutions.

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