To learn specifically about funding for Community Schools in New York City, please reach out to your NYC DOE Office of Community Schools (OCS) Program Manager, or Sarah Jonas, Deputy Executive Director, OCS.

Financing Your Community School
Title I Funding for Community Schools
Finding Resources to Support Mentoring Programs and Success for Youth
Financing Community Schools: Leveraging Resources to Support Student Success
Using CDBG to Support Community-Based Youth Programs
Financing Community Schools: Tapping into Title I and Other Funding Streams
Finding Funding
Afterschool for All: Making the Case for Policy Makers and Your Community
Community Schools CoSer 533

In addition the funding resources provided here, we suggest that you check out NYSED’s Funding Opportunities web page periodically for relevant opportunities. Opportunities through NYSED will be posted there as they become available. If you have not already, you will also want to register on the Grants Gateway.

The community schools CoSer 533 represents a strategy to organize resources so that academics, social and emotional needs, and medical and dental services and supports are integrated into the fabric of schools, all of which help remove obstacles to learning and serve the needs of the whole child so teachers are free to teach and students are ready to learn. For more information, see the provided CoSer document, or contact Rebecca Christner at or (845) 627-5437.