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Restorative Practices: First Steps to Successful

April 28, 2022

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Doug Overton
Community Schools Coordinator/Restorative Practices Coordinator

Doug Overton is currently serving as a Community Schools Coordinator at Binghamton University and the Restorative Practices Coordinator for Harpursville Central Schools. As a leading expert in the work of Restorative Practices, he has facilitated more than two thousand circles and trained more than two hundred campuses nationwide. Leading, teaching, and consulting at all levels of education in rural and urban districts, he has diversified experience that qualifies him for work in any campus environment.

As an educator, he has received several prestigious awards including First Class Teacher, Campus Teacher of the Year, and District Teacher of the Year. As a district leader, Doug has built entire Restorative/SEL structures applied district-wide by training teachers, developing teams, and creating content. He has been a DEI facilitator, an at-risk specialist, a community-schools coordinator, and a traveling consultant. He is also a co-founder of edtomorrow.

Doug is a graduate of the University of Tennessee.

John Whalen
Building Principal: Tioughnioga Riverside Academy, Whitney Point CSD

John J. Whalen is a leading Restorative Practices pioneer in both theory and application. He currently brings his experience to his role as a principal at the Tioughnioga Riverside Academy, a 4th-8th grade building in Upstate New York. He spent 15 years in the classroom teaching both 2nd grade and 6th grade mathematics. He also spent over three years as a district Restorative Practices Coordinator
leading implementation in over ten primary and secondary schools.

John has spoken at numerous national conferences on components of Restorative Practices and has led training sessions with thousands of educators across the country. John is the author of the book Classroom Circles: A Toolkit for Building Relationships and Strengthening School Communities. He is a co-founder of edtomorrow.

John is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo and Binghamton University.


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