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Weaving the Threads of DEI, SEL and CRS Into School Support – A Sharing Opportunity

May 5, 2022

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Roseann Bayne
Assistant Superintendent, CiTi BOCES

Roseann Bayne is the Assistant Superintendent of CiTi BOCES in Oswego County, with an educational career spanning over 25 years. She has been both an elementary school and middle school building administrator and a district-level administrator for over 14 years. As a classroom teacher, Roseann focused on understanding student’s unique circumstances and the subsequent impact particular experiences could have on their brain development. She is a certified instructor of Emotional Intelligence and a certified NYS Dignity for All Students Act Trainer and serves on NYSED’s Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education Framework development team. Much of her current work centers around understanding the impact of marginalization, fear, anxiety, and trauma on student and adult behaviors.

Liane Benedict
Staff Development Coordinator, CiTi BOCES

Liane Benedict is in her 15th year as Staff Development Coordinator for CiTi BOCES, her 29th year as an educator. She feels blessed that in this role she is able to support others in ways that align with her passions – through mindfulness, community, connection and self-care. Currently, being able to provide one on one and group coaching to educators at various levels is most inspiring. Her training as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher is foundational to her work and personal life. When not supporting educators with strengthening their resilience and pedagogy, she is tending to her growing homestead of chickens, goats, bees and growing all the things.


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